not fair. bad luck. damn refs. killers allowed to play?

been pretty much destroying alot of my stuff lately including my old computer so i ain t been able to write much nor have i wanted to on account of the crappy superbowl outcome. or should i say stupidbowl. know what i mean. how is ray lewis allowed to play when he obviously killed 2 people and he looks like someone who killed more than that. he is a crybaby on top which just doesnt make any sense. on top of that stupid game my ducks lost chip which is really stupid. worst luck ever. i lost my job on top of all that. i was a bit angry i guess and just couldnt stand how no one seemed to care about what i was goin through and i kinda lost my mimd i guess and screamed at my “superiors” which doesnt make any sense cause i know way more than them. not just about my job but lots more stuff than that too. anyways add ravens to the rams of hated teams. they are purple! its just crazy. not fair. bad luck. damn refs. killers allowed to play. thats it. thats it.


back from out of jail.

maybe i shouldnta been sayin some stuff on here cause it got me in trouble even though i didnt think it was real evidence at all. it was just bad luck really. alots happened since i last wrote anything and i dont know if i should write anythin anymore cause i dont know whats gonna happen if i do.  i got a dui thats public record so i can probably say that. jail was pretty much the stupidest crap ever. crappy everything in there and lots of not white people. this island is pretty crappy on its own but the jail is just inconseefably inhospital. anyway once football season is over i can probably calm down some but my niners have been doin good except against the seahawks but that didnt make any sense cause we beat the pats. it doesnt seem like this job of writing on the internet is gonna pay me anything so i might need to figure somethin out. like if anyone out there wants some grilled meat and corn i could show some more pictures of that.

shootin scool kids.

the thing about shootin scool kids is that its not right, good or nothin. no doubt about it. i would rather shoot up ram fans or duck fans cause theyre just stupid and dont seem to know anythin. where as the scool kids are young so thats why they dont know anythin. anyhow you shouldnt shoot nobody cause its wrong or whatever. you just gotta hold back. anyhow thats not the point. the point is the liberals and my freedoms is what is the point. obama is gonna wanna take my guns away and thats my freedom cause the constituton says so. i know that. everyone knows that. thats what the point is. and thats the freedom part of what this is about. and i believe in america. god bless. the end.images

friday night chillin.

finally none moe black came over again. which is good cause i was real bored sittin around with only my wife naggin in my ear all day. she was pretty upset i made her shopping cart into my new grill. now though none moe black brought over a grill with him cause he didnt think i had one. but i do cause i made it out of the cart. i think i will still use the shopping cart though cause it works good and the grill none moe brought over looks like crap and doesnt have a grill rack or anything to put food on. none moe  made some picks that are pretty stupid like the cardinals winning so i dont think hes gonna beat me at all. we’ll see though i supose.

2 grill

im back wit my piks

hey yall this none moe black on the 1s and 2s makin the reel good piks for the week in football first of all i wanna say sory for my absints see after cricky done messed up his truck and his head. sumbitch looks reel funny tho i didnt get aroun to much. his dum ass wife bin reel meen latly also. i found a old grill in my yard tho and gonna give it to him so maybe you will see more piks of the bad ass food and  corn we cook.  so heres my piks and these the ones to bet some reel doe on. denver gonna win they won see. bills bengals chiefs cause that dead guy colts cause they got lick on there side bears stealers buckanears my other favrite the redskins gonna beat the hell out them dam purple warin pansi ravens falcons win jets win and teBLOW still dont play 9ers win no mistery there.saints win cardinals packers and the patiots. up set of the week is gonna be me gettin more piks than cricky watch it here. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!111!1!!!!!!!!!!1

the rams suck and this is why……

it seems like a lot of people have been coming to my site for all the wrong reasons. see i know alotta rams fans have been makin funa me and thats just not ok to me right now at all on a counta i aint got no car and my friends not around and my wife is a bitch and also im still really pissed that we lost to the stupid rams. so i made a list bout the reasons they sucks so bad.

1.  they from st. louis and thats not west coast at all.

2. they got yellow in their colors.

3. i never see em win a super bowl ever.

4. the quarterback has some kinda retarted syndrome.

5. its probably the spirals on theirs helmets that confused my niners.

6. my truck is wrecked and i got stiches in my head and i got no cool haircut anymore and i havent seen none moe black in days and i got no meat or corn and my wife is stupid and i still aint got no grill god dammit its such bad luck.

7. they are the lambs.

8. david letterman says so too.

9. your own fans think so too.

10. you suck. the end.

f untitled r s


i think i forgot to post my picks last week.

theres been alot goin on in my life that im not too proud of, and i was just supposed to be doin this website to show off my pickin the right teams the best a stuff. none moe black hasnt been around cause a the fact he dont have a car and now i dont either.  lucky i know all the cops and stuff so i wont be gettin in much trouble, but it still sucks with no car and my wife yellin in my dang ear all the time. so i got nothin else to do but figure out the picks and maybe make some steaks and corn at some point only i dont have none of that right now. anyway this week i pick. broncos, rams cause they beat us so they must be good, browns, bucs, jags, steelers. bears. falcons. benglas. colts. skins. my niners. giants. seattle. packers. and patriots. lmy guarantee of the week is that i dont go messin up my life this week cause my niners are gonna win and i cant really do anythin anyways.  thanks to those of you who wished me well in my bad times. the end.